Like and dislike: how to express it in Italian

like and dislike

[sg_popup id=”521″ event=”onLoad”][/sg_popup]Hello everyone! Welcome to my blog again. In this article I will talk about “like” and “dislike” in Italian. This is something that we use every day “I like your shoes”, “I don’t like my hair!”. We use it every day because it’s part of the colloquial language. In fact, I think you don’t even realise how many times you use this expressions during the day and how important they are!

At the end of this article you will be able to express your likes and dislikes in Italian. What are you waiting for? Keep reading 🙂


Ciao a tutti! Benvenuti di nuovo nel mio blog. In questo articolo parleró del “mi piace” e del “non mi piace” in Italiano. Li usiamo ogni giorno “Mi piacciono le tue scarpe”, “Non mi piacciono i miei capelli!”. Li usiamo ogni giorno perche fanno parte del linguaggio colloquiale. Penso che non riusciate nemmeno ad immaginare quante volte utilizziate queste espressioni durante la giornata e quanto siano importanti!

Like and dislike

1- To say that you like something you can use the verb piacere:

(Non) + mi piace + singular noun

Mi piace questo museo.

I like this museum.

Non mi piace questo film.

I don’t like this movie.

NOTE: “NON” is placed directly in front of “mi piace” in the negative.

2- To ask and respond you use:

Ti piace Roma?

Do you like Rome?

Sí, mi piace Roma.

Yes, I like Rome.

No, non mi piace Roma.

No, I don’t like Rome.

The pronouns mi/ti/le/gli/ci/vi (to me, to you, to her, to him, to us, to you) have to be used before the verb piacere:

Mi piace il parco.

I like the park.

Ti piace il mare.

You like the sea.

Le piace il caffé.

She likes coffee.

Gli piace la pasta.

He likes pasta.

Ci piace la birra.

We like beer.

Vi piace il sole.

You like the sun.

Like and dislike (2)

To say how much you like something you can use the following expressions:

Mi piace + tanto/tantissimo

Non mi piace + tanto/per niente

Ti piace la musica hip hop? Mi piace tanto.

Do you like hip hop music? I like it a lot.

Ti piace il teatro classico? Mi piace tantissimo!

Do you like classical theatre? I really like it.

Ti piace il cibo cinese? No, non mi piace tanto.

Do you like Chinese food? No, I don’t like it much.

Ti piace l’arte contemporanea? No, non mi piace per niente.

Do you like contemporary art? No, I don’t like it at all.


Like and dislike (3)

To say that you like more than one thing you use piacere in the plural form:

Mi piace il centro della cittá.

I like the city centre.

Mi piacciono i negozi del centro.

I like the shops in the (town) centre.

Non ti piace il vino?

Don’t you like wine?

Ti piacciono i fiori?

Do you like flowers?

Non le piacciono le bibite gassate.

She doesn’t like fizzy drinks.

Other verbs that work like piacere

Verbs such as interessare and infastidire behave like piacere in that they agree in number with the noun that follows:

Ti interessa questo articolo?

Are you interested in this article?

Ti interessano questi libri?

Are you interested in these books?

Ti infastidisce il vento?

Does the wind bother you?

Vi infastidiscono i vicini.

The neighbours bother you.

Like and dislike (4)

To talk about actions that you like doing, you use piacere followed by an infinitive:

Mi piace + infinitive

For example:

Mi piace andare a cena fuori.

I like going out for dinner.

Le piace lavorare a maglia.

She likes knitting.

Ci piace parlare di politica.

We like talking about politics.

Ti piace fare cruciverba.

You like doing crosswords.

Like and dislike (5)

To emphasise who likes something you can use the following structure:

A + person + piace or piacciono + noun or infinitive

A Mariella piace camminare.

Mariella likes walking.

A mio padre piacciono i cavalli.

My father likes horses.

I hope this article has been helpful!

Now you should be able to use piacere in italiano to express what you like or what you don’t like. If something is not clear just contact me, I will be more than happy to help you! 🙂

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