I’m looking for collaborators for my blog

Hi all, I’m looking for people who want to collaborate with other bloggers! I was thinking about guest posts, blog advertising and if you have more ideas just let me know! I think it would be a great idea to help each other 🙂 If you’re interested please comment this post or contact me throughContinue reading “I’m looking for collaborators for my blog”

You can do it!

Hello everyone! Today I just want to tell you a story, mine. When I first started learning English, I was feeling frustrated and demotivated. I felt like I was not making any progress, I felt like I was wasting my time! 😞😭 It was back in 2015, which isn’t really that long ago, when I’veContinue reading “You can do it!”

15-11-2018 – My birthday in London

Yesterday was my birthday! 🎉 🎊 🍾 I cannot believe I am already 28, where have all the years gone?! It seems like yesterday when I turned 18… Anyway, I had a lovely day yesterday! My boyfriend took me to London for the day and it was nice both spending some time together and doingContinue reading “15-11-2018 – My birthday in London”

24h are not enough for me, what a busy week!

Hello guys! I am here to talk to you about my busy week This is the English version of the article “24h non mi bastano” as some of you requested me. A busy week It’s Monday again, another week is waiting for me! I’m already tired only by thinking about it! I have been awakeContinue reading “24h are not enough for me, what a busy week!”

24h non mi bastano, settimana piena!

Hello guys! Oggi vi parlo di quanto piena sia la mia settimana! For the first time I am gonna post an article in Italian as lots of followers asked me 🙂 If you struggle you can use the translate tool at the bottom of the page or, if you prefer, just read the English versionContinue reading “24h non mi bastano, settimana piena!”