8 Things We All Hate About Learning Italian

[sg_popup id=”521″ event=”onLoad”][/sg_popup]Learning Italian is beautiful  and I have been studying it from quite some time now. It is also said that Italian is one of the easiest languages to learn if you are a native English speaker. However, there are always things that we will come to hate about Italian. I have broken down those things for you in the list below so you can take note of them and prepare yourself.  This will allow you to do not hate those things as much as I did 😀

Remember that these are the things that I absolutely hated while learning Italian and I advise you not to repeat the same mistakes.

  1. There are too many verb tenses in Italian


Italian is a great language and you will be absolutely over-the-moon that you have learned it. However, it can get just too much if you are at the later stage of learning Italian. This is due to the fact that Italian has too many complex verb tenses.

  1. You never achieve proficiency if you are a non-Italian

This is a golden rule that you have to keep in mind and no Italian will tell you this. But, you should remember that you will never get proficient in Italian language if you are not a native. This is one rule you must remember while learning Italian otherwise you will risk to hate Italian for the rest of your life!

  1. Learning Italian as a native language

As I have mentioned earlier, never try to learn Italian as a native language. Always try to learn Italian as a second language. This could upset you a lot as you would like to become fluent straight away but that’s not possible. You need a lot of practice, hours spent in listening to Italian videos or Poadcasts, and, if you can afford it, a tutor.

  1. Learning Italian takes (too much) time

This happens to all of us (including me). We are trying to learn Italian (or any other language we are learning) as soon as possible. But, you should remember that everything takes time and learning a new language does too.

A lot.

So, be patient and you will get the fruits of your patience eventually.

  1. We spend time (and money) on the wrong Italian resources

Sometimes it may happen that we download or buy an e-book or tutorial or course in Italian. But we later find out that it was a total waste of time and there was no real benefit of studying that material. This means that the time invested in that material got wasted.

Try to do some research first, read reviews and make sure you are using useful resources.

  1. Focusing too much on grammar

One thing I absolutely hate about learning Italian is focusing too much on grammar. I just would like to get started and speaking Italian. However, I have been told that I first need to correct my Italian grammar, then I can start writing or reading in Italian and speaking eventually 🙂


  1. Listening to videos or Podcasts which are way above our level

This is the thing that 100% I hate the most while learning Italian! When I start to listen to things in Italian and they are too difficult because above my level. This is because we are not that advanced in Italian and  in a hurry to learn everything and anything immediately but we don’t understand that doing so can only make thing worse. Don’t make the same mistake and take things slowly.

  1. Speaking in English while learning Italian

This is a thing everyone should keep in mind while learning Italian. You should never, I repeat NEVER, speak in English while learning Italian. This is because all your pronunciations will be messed up and you will never be able to learn Italian properly unless you stop using any other language.

Whether you are learning Italian for fun, to pass an exam or because you have moved to Italy, there is an absolute truth in common: we love Italian. You might struggle with it, you might get upset and think “I give up!!” but you know that you truly love this beautiful language and you won’t give up. Be patient, learning a new language takes time. You need to be patient and motivated. Think about the goal, how good will  being fluent in Italian be? It might take you 1, 2 maybe 5 years but focus on the goal and it will be easier.

You can buy my book here. I hope you enjoy it! 🙂

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5 thoughts on “8 Things We All Hate About Learning Italian

  1. That’s true!! I am struggling so much but I find this language very fascinating, well done Irene!!


  2. Tuto questo molto vero. Io studia ogni giorno, spero migliorare presto. Grazie Irene, mi piace tuo blog


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