What’s The Origin of the Italian Flag?

Italian flag

[sg_popup id=”521″ event=”onLoad”][/sg_popup]We all should be proud of our Italian national flag. I surely feel proud of my flag whenever I see it on any building or anywhere else. Also, there is a rich history attached to our “bandiera italiana“. But I recently realized that I know very little of the flag that I am so proud of. My question for you is do you know when it was accepted as our national flag? Do you know the significance of all the colors found on it? Did you know the history of Italian flag such as its origin prior to reading this article? If your answers to my questions are negative than you need to give your time in reading this article which I have written below. After reading this article, you will get to know everything that is great about the Italian national flag.

Origin of the Italian flag

Italian flagYou should know that there has been no change in the Italian flag since last 72 years. Yes, that is right as the Italian flag has remained unmodified ever since its existence on 19th June, 1946. Later on January 1, 1948, it formally adopted as the national flag of Italy.

The Italian flag also known as Italian tricolour was first used by the Cisalpine Republic way back in 1797. They used the Italian flag when they supplanted Milan. Would you like to know where its colours come from? Keep reading to find out 🙂

Three theories about the colours of the Italian flag

1. Milan

Currently, there are three colours on the Italian flag which are red, white and green. Out of these, red and white come from the flag of Milan whereas the green is the colour of uniform of Milanese Civic guard.

Therefore, you would have now guessed how much of an influence of our flag has had from Milan.

2. Plains and hills

Another theory regarding the Italian flag gives a different idea about the use of colours on our tricolour. According to this theory, the Italian flag’s green represents the country’s plains and the hills; white for the snowy Alps; and red for the blood split in the Wars of Italian Independence.

3. Hope, faith and charity

There is one more theory associated with religion related to the origin of Italian flag’s colours. This theory says that green on the Italian flag represents hope, the white represents faith, and the red represents charity.

You might not know this but the Italian flag was not the same as it is currently. Yes, it had three colours: red, white and green. But the flag had horizontal bands rather than the vertical bands which are currently present.

Italian flag

Since the time of Rome being appointed as capital of Italian kingdom in 1872, a crown has been added to the flag by King Vittorio Emanuele II.

Italian flagThis crown remained on the national flag of Italy until the independence of Italy in 1946. Ever since then, the Italian flag has horizontal bands of tricolour and it has remained unchanged till date.

After researching about the rich history of our Italian flag, I must say that I was truly impressed with  its significance. Also, not many would have known about the representation of those colours on the flag but I hope that you  now know everything about it. As for the theories attached to the Italian flag’s colours, I like to believe that the third theory is true. I like the idea of my flag established on hope, faith and charity. And you? Which theory do you like the most?

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