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Italian with Irene lesson


If you are tired of learning Italian on your own, if you are struggling with all the grammar, if you find hard to find the confidence needed to speak Italian… I can help you!

Here’s what I offer:

• 1-on-1 lessons that are adapted to your level, interests and needs.

• Suitable for all levels, ages and motivations – complete beginners learning for their travels, intermediate students aiming to become fluent, teenagers learning to improve their grades etc.

• Lessons delivered by Skype, allowing you and I to communicate and share learning materials just as you would in a classroom.

• Lessons at my place if you prefer a  face-to-face way.

I can help you improving your oral, written, and comprehension skills:

-If you are a beginner, we’ll adopt a structured approach, using the most efficient materials available.

-Intermediate students will benefit from a wide variety of engaging activities which will help you understand and speak the language.

-If you are an advanced student, we can use textbooks, newspaper articles, YouTube videos, podcasts, songs, poems and pictures. We can work on your vocabulary, grammar, pronunciation, reading, speaking, listening and writing skills. Most importantly, everything we do will be based on your needs and preferences.

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