Talking about your body in Italian (1)

body parts

Hello everyone! Today’s Italian lesson is about body parts in Italian.

This first article will be focused on face parts in Italian, the next one will be about body parts.

Eyes, nose, hair, ears etc. How do you say all these words in Italian?

Here is a nice vocabulary that can help your learning and improve your vocabulary.

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Face parts

Head – testa

Face – Faccia/viso

Hair – capelli

Forehead – fronte

Nose – naso

Eyes – occhi

Eyebrows – sopracciglia

Eyelid – palpebra

Eyelashes – ciglia

Ears – orecchie

Lobe – lobo

Cheek – guancia

Nostril – narice

Mouth – bocca

Palate – palato

Lip – labbro

Teeth – denti

Tongue – lingua

Chin – mento

Mandible – mandibola

Neck – collo

Nape – nuca

body parts

Italian sentences with face parts

Hair – capelli

  • Short hair – capelli corti
  • Long hair – capelli lunghi
  • Straight hair – capelli lisci
  • Curly hair – capelli ricci
  • Blonde hair – capelli biondi
  • Brown hair – capelli castani
  • Black hair – capelli neri
  • Ginger hair – capelli rossi
  • White hair – capelli bianchi
  • Grey hair – capelli brizzolati

Eyes – occhi

  • Green eyes – occhi verdi
  • Brown eyes – occhi castani
  • Black eyes – occhi neri
  • Blue eyes – occhi azzurri
  • Big eyes – occhi grandi
  • Small eyes – occhi piccoli


  • Long eyelashes – ciglia lunghe
  • Short eyelashes – ciglia corte
  • Sticking-out ears – orecchie a sventola
  • Full lips – labbra carnose
  • Crooked teeth – denti storti
  • Buckteeth – denti sporgenti

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