Talking about your daily routine in Italian

daily routine

One of the first thing you might learn when learning a new language is talking about yourself. In this article I will introduce you to the most important and used expressions that you need when talking about your daily routine in Italian. 🙂

We have already seen how to introduce people in Italian and how to say what your occupation is in Italian.

The best thing to do now is learning how to talk about your daily routine in Italian. Relax and keep reading 😉

Useful vocabulary to talk about your daily routine in Italian

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SVEGLIARSITO WAKE UPMi sveglio alle 6.00.I wake up at 6.00
ALZARSITO GET UPMi alzo alle 6.15.I get up at 6.15.
BERE IL CAFFE’TO DRINK A COFFEEBevo un caffè.I drink a coffee.
FARE COLAZIONETO HAVE BREAKFASTFaccio colazione alle 6.30.I have breakfast at 6.30.
FARE LA DOCCIATO HAVE A SHOWERFaccio una doccia calda.I have a hot shower.
VESTIRSITO GET DRESSEDMi vesto velocemente.I get quickly dressed.
TRUCCARSITO PUT MAKE UP ONMi trucco leggermente.I put a light make up on.
PETTINARSITO BRUSH YOUR HAIRMi pettino e faccio una coda.I brush my hair and do a pony tail.
USCIRE TO GO OUTEsco alle 7.00.I go out at 7.00.
ANDARE AL LAVOROTO GO TO WORKVado al lavoro.I go to work.
COMINCIARE A LAVORARETO START WORKINGComincio a lavorare alle 8.00.I start working at 8.00.
ANDARE IN PAUSA PRANZOTO GO ON LUNCH BREAKVado in pausa pranzo alle 12.I go on my lunch break at 12.
PRANZARETO HAVE LUNCHPranzo al bar.I have lunch at the bar.
RIPRENDERE A LAVORARE TO GET BACK TO WORKRiprendo a lavorare alle 13.I get back to work at 13.
FINIRE DI LAVORARETO FINISH WORKINGFinisco di lavorare alle 17.I finish working at 17.00.
TORNARE A CASATO GO BACK HOMETorno a casa alle 18.I go back home at 18.00.
PREPARARE LA CENATO MAKE DINNERPreparo la cena.I make some dinner.
CUCINARETO COOKCucino la pasta.I cook some pasta.
CENARETO HAVE DINNERCeno alle 19.30.I have dinner at 19.30.
GUARDARE LA TVTO WATCH THE TVGuardo la TV fino alle 21.30.I watch the TV until 21.30.

TO GO TO BEDVado a letto.I go to bed.
LEGGERE UN LIBROTO READ A BOOKLeggo un libro.I read a book.
ADDORMENTARSITO FALL ASLEEPMi addormento verso le 22.30.I fall asleep at 22.30-ish.

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