UK to Italy: Joshua Campagna and his dream

Hello everyone,

today I would like to introduce all of you to Joshua Campagna. I have met him online and it was nice to discover how our blogs are so close to each other and yet so different.

He is a very nice a guy and his dream inspired me a lot, that’s why I have decided to write an article about him. He inspired me because he has the same dream that I had a few years ago and it’s a bit fun if you think that I was dreaming about leaving Italy and he is dreaming about moving there.


Essex to Italy

The name of Joshua’s blog is Essex to Italy and I recommend you to visit it.

Joshua was born and bred in Canvey Island, Essex but why is he interested about Italy? Well, Joshua said on his blog:

“…being of Italian descendant, we decided to trace our family roots a move that would see us follow the family tree. Filling in missing gaps and ultimately lead us back to the small hillside town of Arpino set in the picturesque province of Frosinone Lazio, 1hr 30 mins South of Rome.”

Joshua Campagna – About Myself

I invite all of you to read one of Joshua’s articles that I have enjoyed a lot: The Gonfalone festival in Arpino.

Just one of the fabulous views when walking through the streets of Arpino.


I am not gonna tell you what the Gonfalone festival is though, check his blog out to discover it 🙂

I will probably work together with Joshua in the future, so subscribe and follow both his and my blog and stay tuned 😉




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