24h are not enough for me, what a busy week!

Hello guys! I am here to talk to you about my busy week :/

This is the English version of the article “24h non mi bastano” as some of you requested me.

A busy week

It’s Monday again, another week is waiting for me!

I’m already tired only by thinking about it! I have been awake for only 2 hours and already had 3 coffees!

Last week was very busy and this one is gonna be even worse…

How can I mentally prepare myself for what’s coming next? Where can I find strengths and time to do everything? God help me as I cannot do everything on my own!

Lavoro e hobbies

When I was in Italy, without a job, without goals for my future and with a lot of free time available, I struggled to fall asleep in the evening. My only thought was finding a job and even though I used to send tens of CVs every day, I did not receive any call back for an interview.

Struggling to fall asleep became a big problem, I used to moan about it with my mum and kept telling her: “In the evening, when I go to bed, I am not tired! I feel like I haven’t achieved anything today, how can I fall asleep if my mind is always working?”

I have been in England for 3 and a half years now and I can say things have changed a lot!

Today I:

  1. have a full time job, 40 hours/week;
  2. am a student here in England, studying for a degree in Business and Management;
  3. am an Italian tutor (both online and face-to-face);
  4. manage my blog.

I would also like to finish a book that I started writing months ago, but where am I gonna find the time to do that as well?

Oh, I obviously have a house to clean and tidy and my other half to spend time with too!

My week


I work in a pub’restaurant since I have arrived in England and I love my job. I know so many people in my town and everybody likes me (hopefully! 😀 )

Busy week
That’s me at work! I think that’s the first pic of me that I have posted so far 😨😱🤣

I am tired though, very tired! This a job that tires you both physically and mentally and it doesn’t allow you to have a social life!


For this reason, I have decided to do something I used to do when I was in Italy, giving Italian lessons and becoming a tutor again.

Well, more or less, we call it in Italy “doposcuola”, but “tutoring” is cooler tbh.

So 40 hours (pub) + 10 as a tutor = already 50 hours!


Last year I have enrolled to the University here in England. I attend The Open University, very recommended if you already have a full time job and don’t have time to attend the lessons. Yes, because this University allows you to attend some online lessons whenever is best for you!

I have just started the second year and already noticed how the modules are harder compared to last year, both because I struggle with the language sometimes and because I struggle to find time to study!

Anyway, I am trying very hard to do it.

Recap: 40 hours (pub) + 10 hours as a tutor + 25 hours of studying = 75 hours!


And when and how can I spend time for my blog?

I usually spend a few hours to update my blog in the evening when I am already in bed or in the morning right after I wake up. Writing and reading up relax me a lot and make my perfect day-starter or they allow me to have a good night sleep 🙂

40 hours (pub) + 10 hours as a tutor + 25 hours of studying + 28 hours for my blog = 103 hours, which is the equivalent of 2 and a half full time jobs!!!

I am not that surprised anymore that I am so tired!

Busy week

Only by reading these numbers I realise how busy my life is now and for heaven’s sake, I thank God for everything I have and I do.

Are you guys busy bees too? Tell me about what you do in the comments 🙂

I have written this article to let you know something more about myself, you can read the Italian version of this article here.


You can buy my book here. I hope you enjoy it! 🙂

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A presto! ♥♥♥



4 thoughts on “24h are not enough for me, what a busy week!

  1. Hi Irene, I enjoyed reading about your busy life. I wish you the best in Business Management. This world needs good managers to guide younger people through their careers. Thank you for sharing your experiences and I wish you buona fortuna. Saluti!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Hi Tom, you are always very kind 🙂 Thank you very much, I am studying very hard, literally just sent an essay and started a new one due in 20 days!! I still don’t know with this degree, right now I am just enjoying it 🙂 Una buona serata, a presto! Irene 🙂


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