The Top 6 Best Places To Visit In Italy

Italy is a beautiful country with a warm sun, tasty food and lovely people! Would you like to go to Italy but still don’t know which area you want to visit? Here is the top 6 Best Places To Visit In Italy 1. Sicily Sicily is located in the central Mediterranean Sea, south of the ItalianContinue reading “The Top 6 Best Places To Visit In Italy”

How to make tasty Italian stuffed peppers

A mediterranean recipe A rich and calorific dish, made mainly during the summer, stuffed peppers are a typical mediterranean dish. It was born as a poor dish, to use all the leftovers and they have gradually become a refined meal. Peppers have latin american origins: they were imported in Europe thank to the Christopher Columbus’Continue reading “How to make tasty Italian stuffed peppers”

12 Best Italian Street Foods

Every year, thousands of people fly to Italy to visit its beautiful and astonishing landscapes but still many people don’t relate Italy with street food. However, Italy is not only about pizza and pasta. So, here is a list of 12 best Italian street foods or “Cibo di Strada“: 1. Arancini These small rice ballsContinue reading “12 Best Italian Street Foods”

Nice break in Sicily

I have flown to Palermo yesterday to see my family and friends. I really needed this break, I am so tired! I just wanted to share those pics I took from the plane with all of you. I kept staring at this amazing sky because it made me feel so peaceful and relaxed, maybe justContinue reading “Nice break in Sicily”

We have just landed, let’s go to Mondello!

Not long left and I’ll finally see my lovely Palermo again. It hasn’t been that long, I was there at the beginning of July. But Palermo is breath taking, it can always surprise you, it seduces you. Three days left, and my heart will finally start beating again. You can easily lose track of timeContinue reading “We have just landed, let’s go to Mondello!”

The story of my life – Part 1

My life in Italy Life and family I was born in 1990 in a humble family in a working-class area of Palermo. My parents unfortunately split up when I was a kid, but I have always had a great relationship with both of them. My mum is the most amazing and strong woman I haveContinue reading “The story of my life – Part 1”