24h are not enough for me, what a busy week!

Hello guys! I am here to talk to you about my busy week This is the English version of the article “24h non mi bastano” as some of you requested me. A busy week It’s Monday again, another week is waiting for me! I’m already tired only by thinking about it! I have been awakeContinue reading “24h are not enough for me, what a busy week!”

24h non mi bastano, settimana piena!

Hello guys! Oggi vi parlo di quanto piena sia la mia settimana! For the first time I am gonna post an article in Italian as lots of followers asked me 🙂 If you struggle you can use the translate tool at the bottom of the page or, if you prefer, just read the English versionContinue reading “24h non mi bastano, settimana piena!”

The story of my life – Part 2

You can read The story of my life – Part 1 here. A one-way ticket to England I didn’t really take Ninni too seriously. On one hand I was like – “Me? In England? I can barely say hello, how am I supposed to move to another country if I won’t be able to communicateContinue reading “The story of my life – Part 2”