8 Things We All Hate About Learning Italian

[sg_popup id=”521″ event=”onLoad”][/sg_popup]Learning Italian is beautiful  and I have been studying it from quite some time now. It is also said that Italian is one of the easiest languages to learn if you are a native English speaker. However, there are always things that we will come to hate about Italian. I have broken downContinue reading “8 Things We All Hate About Learning Italian”

Top 6 Resources That Will Help You Improve Your Italian

[sg_popup id=”521″ event=”onLoad”][/sg_popup] We know that learning a new language can be tough. But you should also keep on learning new things in life and language is just a start. Therefore, I personally love to communicate in Italian (rather than English) and find out ways on how to improve my Italian. Recently, I did someContinue reading “Top 6 Resources That Will Help You Improve Your Italian”

Saying what your occupation is in Italian

In this article I am going to explain you how to ask what someone’s occupation is in Italian and how to answer this question. To ask what someone does for a living, you can use the following expressions: Qual é la tua professione? (informal) Qual é la sua professione? (formal) What’s your occupation?   DiContinue reading “Saying what your occupation is in Italian”

Introduce people in Italian

 “L’abito non fa il monaco” Italian proverb This means literally “the habit does not make the monk” which means the it is not possible to judge things by external appearances alone; similar to the English idiom you can’t judge a book by its cover. But let’s be honest. We always “judge” or get an ideaContinue reading “Introduce people in Italian”

Why You Should Learn Italian

Of the many languages I speak, Italian is one of my favorites. I started learning it for personal reasons, unlike Arabic, which I learned for professional reasons. My family is Italian and I wanted to connect with my culture and to make my grandma proud. Before I start learning any language, I research it. IContinue reading “Why You Should Learn Italian”

3 Simple Steps to Create a Brilliant Learning Study Plan

BY IRENE SANCIMINO – 29/10/2018 As humans, we spend our whole lives learning something new. A hobby, a new language, to play a musical instrument… but do you have a learning study plan? “A goal without a plan is just a wish.” – Antoine de Saint-Exupéry Are you trying to learn a new language? OrContinue reading “3 Simple Steps to Create a Brilliant Learning Study Plan”