What time is it? – Che ore sono?

How many times do we need to ask or answer the question: “What time is it?”. Keep reading to know how to do it to avoid to make a fool of yourself! Che ore sono? – Vocabulary l’ora (le ore) – hour (hours); il minuto (i minuti) – minute (minutes); il secondo (i secondi) –Continue reading “What time is it? – Che ore sono?”

Italian nouns: gender and number

In Italian every noun has a gender (masculine or feminine) and a number (singular or plural). Almost every Italian noun ends with a vowel except some nouns, which come from other languages, and can finish with a consonant. Usually: Nouns ending in -o are masculine (m.): prosciutto (ham), ragazzo (boy), armadio (wardrobe), treno (train), tavoloContinue reading “Italian nouns: gender and number”

Saying of the day – Il proverbio del giorno

Prima Pensa, Poi Parla, Perché Parole Poco Pensate Portano Pena. Lit. “Think first, then speak. Because little-thought words bring pain”. This saying is known as la regola delle 10 P ( the rule of the 10 Ps) and it derives from the Ancient Greek times when an Athenian offended a soldier and was killed becauseContinue reading “Saying of the day – Il proverbio del giorno”

Italian vocabulary: all the expressions you need to know to wish your friends an amazing birthday!

Do you have an Italian friend and don’t know how to wish him/her a happy birthday? Well. just keep reading, I have put together some good expressions for you 🙂 compleanno, il giorno del tuo compleanno ( = birthday, the day of your birthday); compiere gli anni ( = have a birthday, turn a certainContinue reading “Italian vocabulary: all the expressions you need to know to wish your friends an amazing birthday!”

How to read and pronunce the Italian alphabet

If you choose to learn the Italian language, you’ll need to start by learning it’s alphabet. When you have an innumerable amount of other “useful” languages to choose from, why would you choose Italian — a language spoken by about 59 million people, compared to, let’s say Mandarin’s 935 million Despite the fact that every dayContinue reading “How to read and pronunce the Italian alphabet”