Talking about your body in Italian (1)

Hello everyone! Today’s Italian lesson is about body parts in Italian. This first article will be focused on face parts in Italian, the next one will be about body parts. Eyes, nose, hair, ears etc. How do you say all these words in Italian? Here is a nice vocabulary that can help your learning andContinue reading “Talking about your body in Italian (1)”

Talking about your daily routine in Italian

One of the first thing you might learn when learning a new language is talking about yourself. In this article I will introduce you to the most important and used expressions that you need when talking about your daily routine in Italian. 🙂 We have already seen how to introduce people in Italian and how toContinue reading “Talking about your daily routine in Italian”

8 Things We All Hate About Learning Italian

[sg_popup id=”521″ event=”onLoad”][/sg_popup]Learning Italian is beautiful  and I have been studying it from quite some time now. It is also said that Italian is one of the easiest languages to learn if you are a native English speaker. However, there are always things that we will come to hate about Italian. I have broken downContinue reading “8 Things We All Hate About Learning Italian”

Saying what your occupation is in Italian

In this article I am going to explain you how to ask what someone’s occupation is in Italian and how to answer this question. To ask what someone does for a living, you can use the following expressions: Qual é la tua professione? (informal) Qual é la sua professione? (formal) What’s your occupation?   DiContinue reading “Saying what your occupation is in Italian”

24h are not enough for me, what a busy week!

Hello guys! I am here to talk to you about my busy week This is the English version of the article “24h non mi bastano” as some of you requested me. A busy week It’s Monday again, another week is waiting for me! I’m already tired only by thinking about it! I have been awakeContinue reading “24h are not enough for me, what a busy week!”

Saying your nationality and what languages you speak in Italian

In the previous article I explained you how to introduce people in Italian. After you introduce yourself or somebody else it would be good if you could say something more about yourself, like saying where you come from or what languages you speak. Read the article to learn how to do that 🙂 Saying whereContinue reading “Saying your nationality and what languages you speak in Italian”