Anche o neanche?

Sai qual è la differenza tra anche e neanche in italiano? Non sei l’unico! Non preoccuparti, in questa lezione imparerai come usarli e potrai anche fare degli esercizi per verificare la tua comprensione.

Italian Conversation By Collins – Review

Hello everyone, Today I want to talk about Easy Learning Italian Conversation (Collins Easy Learning Italian). I initially bought it for my boyfriend who’s trying to learn Italian but I know use it too for some of my Italian lessons. It starts with an introduction and some advice on how to read/use the manual. It’sContinue reading “Italian Conversation By Collins – Review”

The interrogative pronouns in Italian

Subscribe to my Newsletter! Subscribe to receive learning materials, curiosities, offers and much more! ⬇️⬇️⬇️ What is an interrogative pronoun? In English the interrogative pronouns are who…?, which…?, whose…?, whom…?, and what…?. They are used without a noun to ask questions. The interrogative pronouns in Italian These are the interrogative pronouns in Italian: Chi? Who?Continue reading “The interrogative pronouns in Italian”

Italian Adverbs in -mente

Welcome to today’s lesson about italian adverbs in -mente! Let’s start by a question: What is an adverb? An adverb is a word used with verbs to give information on where, when or how an action takes place. For example: here, today, quickly.  An adverb can also add information to adjectives and other adverbs: extremelyContinue reading “Italian Adverbs in -mente”

Combined pronouns: everything you need to know

Hello everyone and welcome back to my blog! Today we are going to talk about combined pronouns as a lot of you have asked me 🙂 I know this is not an easy topic at all, but I will try to be as clear as I can and give you examples to make your learningContinue reading “Combined pronouns: everything you need to know”

Italian verbs ending in -ere – Present Tense

Hello everyone and welcome to another Italian lesson! Today we are going to talk about the Italian verbs ending in -ere. As you already should know there are three different types of verbs in Italian: Verbs that have infinitive ending in -are; Verbs that have infinitive ending in -ere; Verbs that have infinitive ending inContinue reading “Italian verbs ending in -ere – Present Tense”