How to make a yummy Italian Lasagna

Subscribe to my Newsletter! Subscribe to receive learning materials, curiosities, offers and much more! ⬇️⬇️⬇️ Hello everyone and welcome back to my blog! In today’s article I will explain you how to make a yummy Italian Lasagna (my fiancé loves it!!). Italian Lasagna ingredients: – 3 spoons of olive oil; – 1 finely chopped onions;Continue reading “How to make a yummy Italian Lasagna”

6 Italian Dishes You Absolutely Must Try

Italian Dishes You Absolutely Must Try. Italians are not only famous for their art, music, and style, they are also known for their food. According to reports, food and wine tourism in Italy increased by 100 percent in 2017. That’s right; about 43 percent of tourists visited the country for a taste of the food.Continue reading “6 Italian Dishes You Absolutely Must Try”

4 reasons why you should visit Italy

Italy is one of the most visited country in the world: this beautiful peninsula welcomes more or less 50 million of people every year. Why there are so many tourists? Do you think it is caused just by the great history that embrace the country? Italy is more than Rome and Venice. And so, whyContinue reading “4 reasons why you should visit Italy”