Preposizioni articolate in Italiano

Today’s article is about… *drum roll* le preposizioni articolate in Italian! I know that some of you will close this article straight away as prepositions are not easy at all in any language (I am still struggling with the English prepositions 😉 ). But if you keep reading I will make sure that the preposizioniContinue reading “Preposizioni articolate in Italiano”

Gli articoli determinativi – Definite articles in Italian

You can buy my book here. I hope you enjoy it! 🙂 Did you like this article? Leave a comment and share it 🙂 Ti é piaciuto questo articolo? Lascia un commento e condividilo 🙂 Like my page on Facebook to be always updated! For private lessons, queries or any info, just contact me! AContinue reading “Gli articoli determinativi – Definite articles in Italian”