Palermo Flooding Kills 12 People (Sicily, Video + Photos) – Pray for Sicily

I cannot believe this really happened. My mum has been telling me: “The weather is crazy!”, “It hasn’t stopped raining!” and I was like “Why is she so upset about it? It’s just rain! Rain has never killed anyone”. I was wrong. I didn’t realize how many damages the rain was causing. The Thunderstorms SicilyContinue reading “Palermo Flooding Kills 12 People (Sicily, Video + Photos) – Pray for Sicily”

Why You Should Learn Italian

Of the many languages I speak, Italian is one of my favorites. I started learning it for personal reasons, unlike Arabic, which I learned for professional reasons. My family is Italian and I wanted to connect with my culture and to make my grandma proud. Before I start learning any language, I research it. IContinue reading “Why You Should Learn Italian”

What Italian women want

We’ve all asked ourselves, at least once in our life: “what is it that women really want”? Even though the list is endless, in this article we’ll focus more on a special group of women: those born and raised in Italy. Here’s what you need to pay attention to, in order to woo one ofContinue reading “What Italian women want”

12 Best Italian Street Foods

Every year, thousands of people fly to Italy to visit its beautiful and astonishing landscapes but still many people don’t relate Italy with street food. However, Italy is not only about pizza and pasta. So, here is a list of 12 best Italian street foods or “Cibo di Strada“: 1. Arancini These small rice ballsContinue reading “12 Best Italian Street Foods”

4 reasons why you should visit Italy

Italy is one of the most visited country in the world: this beautiful peninsula welcomes more or less 50 million of people every year. Why there are so many tourists? Do you think it is caused just by the great history that embrace the country? Italy is more than Rome and Venice. And so, whyContinue reading “4 reasons why you should visit Italy”

How to learn Italian: the best approach

Stop and think about yourself, travelling among the beauties of Italy and, after all that study, talking in Italian with the locals. Too difficult? Well, not really, if you find the right approach to learn Italian. What is the best approach to learn Italian? As probably many of the European languages, especially Latin ones, ItalianContinue reading “How to learn Italian: the best approach”