What’s The Origin of the Italian Flag?

[sg_popup id=”521″ event=”onLoad”][/sg_popup]We all should be proud of our Italian national flag. I surely feel proud of my flag whenever I see it on any building or anywhere else. Also, there is a rich history attached to our “bandiera italiana“. But I recently realized that I know very little of the flag that I amContinue reading “What’s The Origin of the Italian Flag?”

8 Things We All Hate About Learning Italian

[sg_popup id=”521″ event=”onLoad”][/sg_popup]Learning Italian is beautiful  and I have been studying it from quite some time now. It is also said that Italian is one of the easiest languages to learn if you are a native English speaker. However, there are always things that we will come to hate about Italian. I have broken downContinue reading “8 Things We All Hate About Learning Italian”

Top 6 Resources That Will Help You Improve Your Italian

[sg_popup id=”521″ event=”onLoad”][/sg_popup] We know that learning a new language can be tough. But you should also keep on learning new things in life and language is just a start. Therefore, I personally love to communicate in Italian (rather than English) and find out ways on how to improve my Italian. Recently, I did someContinue reading “Top 6 Resources That Will Help You Improve Your Italian”

Top 20 Quotes on Learning and Motivation

[sg_popup id=”521″ event=”onLoad”][/sg_popup]Does it happen to you that you want to do something and you don’t have enough motivation to start that task? Sometimes, you’re trying to read a book for learning something new and you don’t feel like it. If this happens to you then you are not alone. Everyone has to go throughContinue reading “Top 20 Quotes on Learning and Motivation”

Patreon: monetize your blog with this amazing tool!

Hello guys! I have recently discovered Patreon, an amazing website that can make you earn some money! Do you have something special that you want to give you followers? But you’re thinking, “that’s a good content, I’d love to be paid for that!”. Well, in Patreon, you can upload for free all the content thatContinue reading “Patreon: monetize your blog with this amazing tool!”

UK to Italy: Joshua Campagna and his dream

Hello everyone, today I would like to introduce all of you to Joshua Campagna. I have met him online and it was nice to discover how our blogs are so close to each other and yet so different. He is a very nice a guy and his dream inspired me a lot, that’s why IContinue reading “UK to Italy: Joshua Campagna and his dream”