What time is it? – Che ore sono?

How many times do we need to ask or answer the question: “What time is it?”. Keep reading to know how to do it to avoid to make a fool of yourself! Che ore sono? – Vocabulary l’ora (le ore) – hour (hours); il minuto (i minuti) – minute (minutes); il secondo (i secondi) –Continue reading “What time is it? – Che ore sono?”

Italian nouns: gender and number

In Italian every noun has a gender (masculine or feminine) and a number (singular or plural). Almost every Italian noun ends with a vowel except some nouns, which come from other languages, and can finish with a consonant. Usually: Nouns ending in -o are masculine (m.): prosciutto (ham), ragazzo (boy), armadio (wardrobe), treno (train), tavoloContinue reading “Italian nouns: gender and number”

Saying of the day – Il proverbio del giorno

Prima Pensa, Poi Parla, Perché Parole Poco Pensate Portano Pena. Lit. “Think first, then speak. Because little-thought words bring pain”. This saying is known as la regola delle 10 P ( the rule of the 10 Ps) and it derives from the Ancient Greek times when an Athenian offended a soldier and was killed becauseContinue reading “Saying of the day – Il proverbio del giorno”

Italian vocabulary: all the expressions you need to know to wish your friends an amazing birthday!

Do you have an Italian friend and don’t know how to wish him/her a happy birthday? Well. just keep reading, I have put together some good expressions for you 🙂 compleanno, il giorno del tuo compleanno ( = birthday, the day of your birthday); compiere gli anni ( = have a birthday, turn a certainContinue reading “Italian vocabulary: all the expressions you need to know to wish your friends an amazing birthday!”