Italian vocabulary: all the expressions you need to know to wish your friends an amazing birthday!

Do you have an Italian friend and don’t know how to wish him/her a happy birthday? Well. just keep reading, I have put together some good expressions for you 🙂 compleanno, il giorno del tuo compleanno ( = birthday, the day of your birthday); compiere gli anni ( = have a birthday, turn a certainContinue reading “Italian vocabulary: all the expressions you need to know to wish your friends an amazing birthday!”

Saying of the day – Il proverbio del giorno

Buon tempo e mal tempo non dura tutto il tempo Lit. “Good times and bad times don’t last all the time” What does it mean? Happiness and sadness don’t last forever. So never let yourself down or think you can’t be won. It is also used when talking about the weather as tempo in ItalianContinue reading “Saying of the day – Il proverbio del giorno”

How to make tasty Italian stuffed peppers

A mediterranean recipe A rich and calorific dish, made mainly during the summer, stuffed peppers are a typical mediterranean dish. It was born as a poor dish, to use all the leftovers and they have gradually become a refined meal. Peppers have latin american origins: they were imported in Europe thank to the Christopher Columbus’Continue reading “How to make tasty Italian stuffed peppers”

How to read and pronunce the Italian alphabet

If you choose to learn the Italian language, you’ll need to start by learning it’s alphabet. When you have an innumerable amount of other “useful” languages to choose from, why would you choose Italian — a language spoken by about 59 million people, compared to, let’s say Mandarin’s 935 million Despite the fact that every dayContinue reading “How to read and pronunce the Italian alphabet”

Funny Italians #6: piovere a catinelle!

Welcome to the new section of my blog called “Funny Italians”! As per title I will share with you the funniest Italian expressions that totally differ from the English ones. I hope you will enjoy it! 🙂   Did you like this article? Leave a comment and share it 🙂 Ti é piaciuto questo articolo?Continue reading “Funny Italians #6: piovere a catinelle!”

I’m looking for collaborators for my blog

Hi all, I’m looking for people who want to collaborate with other bloggers! I was thinking about guest posts, blog advertising and if you have more ideas just let me know! I think it would be a great idea to help each other 🙂 If you’re interested please comment this post or contact me throughContinue reading “I’m looking for collaborators for my blog”