COVID-19 in Italy: "Io resto a casa" and "andrà tutto bene"

andrá tutto bene e io resto a casa covid 19

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COVID-19 in Italy has been killing thousands of people. And in the rest of the world too.

God help us. God help us all.

Anyone could have ever imagined we would have live this nightmare in 2020. All of us. Yes, because Covid-19 has killed 15,408 people all over the world so far, and infected 353,266 (WorldoMeter, 2020).

Each country is making different decisions to fight this horrible virus, some of them are following Italy, others prefer to follow their own path. However, we do all hope the world can manage to get rid of it in the smallest amount of time. How long will it last? Probably no one knows the answer, unfortunately, but what we know is that hundreds of researchers are working day and night to try and find the answer.

Up to yesterday, the 22nd of March 2020, Italy has 59.138 cases and 5.476 deaths. Those are huge numbers, even though they say that cases and deaths are decreasing (Il Messaggero, 2020).

“Andrà tutto bene”: everything will be ok.

That’s how Italians are reacting to the Covid-19, they’re scared but they don;t want to lose hope. In fact, if you lose hope, what else do you have left in such a awful situation? So balconies are screaming “Andrà tutto bene” and social media, instead, “Io resto a casa” with the now popular hashtag #iorestoacasa which means “I stay at home”.

What do we have left then? Pray for the whole world, especially for all the people that have died and for their families and don’t lose hope. At some point, in the future, we will be able to hug each other again.

But for now, a big and virtual hug to all of you. Bless you and your families.



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