Italian vocabulary: all the expressions you need to know to wish your friends an amazing birthday!

Do you have an Italian friend and don’t know how to wish him/her a happy birthday?

Well. just keep reading, I have put together some good expressions for you 🙂

  • compleanno, il giorno del tuo compleanno ( = birthday, the day of your birthday);
  • compiere gli anni ( = have a birthday, turn a certain age);

(Ad esempio: Oggi mio padre compie gli anni. – Today is my father’s birthday. / Oggi mio padre compie 60 anni. – Today my father is turning 60.)

  • portare bene / male gli anni ( = to look/ not to look one’s age );

(Ad esempio: Quanti anni hai? 45? Li porti bene!  – How old are you? 45? You look good (for a 45 year old));


  • avere molti anni addosso / sulle spalle ( = to be old);
  • festeggiare il compleanno ( = to celebrate a birthday);


  • festa di compleanno ( = birthday party);
  • torta di compleanno ( = birthday cake);
  • regalo di compleanno ( = birthday gift);
  • esprimere un desiderio ( = make a wish);
  • soffiare sulle candele ( = to blow out the candles);
  • brindisi, fare un brindisi ( = toast, to drink a toast);
  • tirare le orecchie ( = to pull ears);



  • fare gli auguri ( = to give sb one’s best wishes);
  • Tanti auguri! ( = Best wishes!);
  • Buon compleanno! ( = Happy Birthday!);
  • Auguri di buon compleanno! ( = Wishing you all the best for your birthday!);
  • Sinceri auguri di buon compleanno! ( = I sincerely wish you a happy birthday!);
  • Cento di questi giorni! ( = Many happy returns (of the day)!)


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