6 Italian Dishes You Absolutely Must Try


Italian Dishes You Absolutely Must Try.

Italians are not only famous for their art, music, and style, they are also known for their food. According to reports, food and wine tourism in Italy increased by 100 percent in 2017. That’s right; about 43 percent of tourists visited the country for a taste of the food.

In other words, 47 million people traveled to Italy to experience the greatest delicacies in the world. As a result, the sector generated over 12 Billion Euros in the previous year. How awesome is that?

That said, you need to perform basic research before even considering food tourism in Italy. For example, you must decide when to visit and where to stay. Perhaps the most critical decision you must make is what to eat.

Don’t worry; this article should ease your decision-making process. Here are six Italian dishes you absolutely must try.

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Osso buco

Osso buco is a Milanese delicacy that dates back to the nineteenth century. Translated in English as “Bone with a Hole”, the meal takes its name from how the meat is cut. It begins with tender veal shanks that are cooked with bay leaf, cinnamon, white wine or broth.

The meal also contains a herbal mixture called gremolata. However, Osso buco recipe has evolved in recent times to include tomatoes. To get the best out of this meal, consider taking it with Risotto Alla Milanese.


Stuffed full with seasonal produce, not only is this Tuscan soup tasty, but It’s also dense. And as time goes on, the flavor continues to blend to make the soup even more delicious. No wonder the word Ribollita translates into Reboiled in the English language.

A glass of wine with a steamy hot bowl of this Tuscany soup may be all you need to make a cold winter night beautiful.

Torta Pasqualina

It’s a savory pie that is reserved for the special occasions, especially during Easter in Italy. That’s because the preparation process is a bit tricky. But you don’t want to know about all that, do you? Your primary interest is how it tastes.

Although the original recipe contained artichoke, the meal allows a degree of flexibility. So, it’s not uncommon to see variations of this Italian dish which include Spinach or Chard leaves. The pie also contains baked eggs which slice through its middle and ultimately enhances the taste.

Pesto alla Genovese

From the Italian word Pestare, this delicacy originated from Liguria. That said, it has slowly become one of the most used sauces in Italy and is now known in different parts of the world. Basically, Pesto is a cold sauce that is not cooked and contains the following ingredients;

  • Basil
  • Garlic
  • Sea Salt
  • Olive Oil
  • Pine Nuts

The dish is traditionally used as pasta with Trofie. Also, you may add green beans and red potatoes to the mix.

Spaghetti Alle Vongole

A part of Neapolitan cuisine, this meal is not only popular in Campania, but known across the whole of Italy. Spaghetti Alle Vongole is light, flavourful pasta that contains briny clams, garlic, chili flakes, and white wine.

However, there are slight variations in the way this meal is prepared across Italy. For example, you may choose to eat the white version without tomato. Regardless of the version you want, the result is the same. Spaghetti All Vongole is a delicious meal.


Do I seriously need to convince you to try Italian Pizza? I didn’t think so.

To Wrap Up

There are several other Italian dishes you should consider. These include Caponata, Tartufo Nero, Risotto Alla Milanese, Casu Marzu, among others. Italian foods are so diverse and special that each offers its unique, unforgettable experience.

So, if the Italian arts, music, or style doesn’t make you fall in love with the country, the food will.

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