Best Places to Enjoy Christmas in Italy

Christmas in Italy

Visiting Italy at any time of the year is a splendid experience. With tons of activities and scenery to enjoy, your visit is sure to be a worthwhile one. But, visiting the country during the Christmas season is slightly different.

Aside from avoiding the crowd of summer tourists, you’ll also get to see what Christmas looks like in Italy. And trust me, Christmas in Italy is incredible.

Imagine a colorful street full of light, with amazing Christmas trees, nativity scenes, and Babbi Natale waving excitedly at the crowd. Also, there are Christmas markets to purchase holiday goodies. Sounds magical, don’t you think?

Although Christmas is celebrated in all parts of Italy, certain places are even more stunning during this period. Famous for offering the most beautiful Christmas in Italy, these cities and town are worth visiting this holiday.

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5 Places to Enjoy Christmas in Italy

Outlined below are five areas to experience the best of Italian Christmas.

1. Rome

With the presence of the Vatican City, not only does Christmas in Rome provide a unique celebration, but there is also a religious feeling to it. In other words, the two cities offer two distinctively interesting celebrations to enjoy.

In Rome, you can experience the Mostra dei 100 precept. As the name implies, it’s an exhibition of 100 Nativity scenes. Besides, the city is home to the famous Italian Christmas market.

On the other hand, you can spend the Christmas Eve with the Pope at the midnight mass in the Vatican City. But getting a seat is St. Peter’s may not be as easy as you think. You must book your tickets well in advance.

2. Naples

Although every part of Naples offers its unique form of holiday charm, there is one part of the city you must visit this Christmas. Also known as Christmas Alley, San Gregorio Armeno takes Christmas in Italy to the next level.

From the myriads of presepe statuette to the Christmas lights and decorations, there is always something interesting in the Christmas Alley. As a result, the street is always crowded at this time of the year. Remember to buy a figurine as a souvenir.

3. Assisi

Although Assisi is not as known by tourists as other Italian towns, this small town is trendy among Italians. Believed to offer the perfect spiritual atmosphere for an Italian Christmas, Assisi is famous for being one of the representations of Italian Catholicism.

So, during this period, the natives conduct some rituals to celebrate and honor Saint Francis, San Francesco. This often involves amazing Nativity scenes among other things.

4. Florence

Christmas in Florence is characterized by lights animating the street as well as loads of decorations. But perhaps the most exciting part of the city during this period is the Christmas market, Florence Noel.

You’ll find various families shopping under with their kids. Aside from the marketplace, Florence offers shows, concerts, and other activities that are ideal for children. Needless to say that there are also sweets and cake tasting too. 😋

5. Venice

Venice winters are as cold as the Christmas are warm.  Although Christmas in Venice often involves snow in the canals and gondolas, the natives have figured out a way to ward off the chill.

Whether it’s visiting the Christmas market for a glass of hot spiced wine or shopping for other holiday treats, you’re bound to experience the Christmas warmth Venice offers. Besides, you’ll enjoy seeing Santa arrive in a Gondola to share holiday goodies.

And on Christmas Eve, you can attend the mass at St Mark’s Basilica to experience the religious side of the city.

Although the places outlined above have different cultures, scenery, and geography, there is one thing they have in common. They offer the best Christmas magic you’ll ever find in Italy.

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