6 Reasons to Fall in Love With an Italian Woman

Italian woman

Why you should fall in love with an Italian woman

Falling in love is an amazing feeling. Aside from the jumble of emotions that often lead to a gradual change in behavior, there are other things to look forward to.  These include loyalty to the object of our desire,  seeking more contact,  and spending more time with them.

Also, we may want to express our feelings using the three words; “I love you”. Indeed, falling in love is wondrous, but there is something even better. You guessed it; the only thing better than falling in love is falling for an Italian woman.

So you’ve heard the Italian women stereotypes; passionate arguments and an interfering mother-in-law. And in some cases, there could be another woman or younger man lurking behind the scene. It’s all scary, I know.

But it also makes you wonder why anyone would want to fall in love with Italian women. Here are six reasons why.

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The Sexy Italian Accent

The Italian accent is known to conjure up feelings of sexual fantasies, summer flings, and passionate romance.

A survey where participants were supposed to vote for an accent they consider romantic puts Italian at the top. With 25 percent, Italian accent was just slightly ahead of the French’s 23 percent.

In addition, citing famous tongues like Monica Bellucci and Alessandro Del Piero, CNN ranked the accent #1 sexiest in the world. The news network giant went as far as calling it “sex as a second language.”

You Get an Italian Mother-in-Law

Italian mothers have a reputation of being interfering and overbearing. Also, they are said to raise clingy mammoni who are ill-equipped to handle the outside world. But, this is just an unfair stereotype.

Truth is, Italian mothers are passionate and care deeply about their loved ones. As a result, their care extends beyond the children alone, but include the husband as well. So, if you want a partner that’ll always be around to give the life-clarifying bits of advice and heart-to-hearts, you should fall in love with an Italian woman.

Italian Women Are Beautiful Inside and Out

Italian women are famous for their sultry good looks. In fact, on any list of countries with the most beautiful women in the world, you’ll find Italians at the top 10. But, we shouldn’t focus too much on the outside, what’s on the inside counts as well.

Also known as La Bella Figura, the Italian concept of beauty goes beyond the visuals and presentations; the behavior is just as important. As a result, Italian women are always considerate, kind, and exhibit good manners.

To avoid making a figuraccia (lousy impression), you’ll find even the most beautiful Italian women graciously interacting with everyone in a social environment.

Upgraded Sex Life

I just have to mention the upgrade your sex life will experience. Yes, the cliche is true, Italian women are good in bed. According to a poll that ranked Germans as the worst lover for being too smelly in bed, Italians are the third best at lovemaking.

Furthermore, the passionate sex never fizzles out. In fact, researchers believe that Italians live longer because of their active sex life.

Learn the Language for Free

If you’re having a hard time understanding the Italian language, I have a piece of advice for you. Consider falling in love with an Italian woman.

Aside from all the reasons outlined above, having a native speaker around you can help you nail the pronunciation and learn new vocabulary.

Italian Weddings Are Awesome

If you’re lucky enough to get hitched by an Italian woman, then you’re about to experience the awesomeness of Italian weddings. With the best Italian dishes, finest of wine, and a buffet of desserts, you’ll quickly understand why socializing in Italy revolves around good food.

At the end of it all, you can wash it down with grappa and dance the night away with your new family.

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