Saying what your occupation is in Italian

In this article I am going to explain you how to ask what someone’s occupation is in Italian and how to answer this question.

To ask what someone does for a living, you can use the following expressions:

Qual é la tua professione? (informal)

Qual é la sua professione? (formal)

What’s your occupation?


Di cosa ti occupi? (informal)

Di cosa si occupa? (formal)

What do you do?


Lavori o studi?

Do you study or (do you) work?


Occupation in Italian: I am a…

Secondly, to give information about what you do, where and for whom you work, you can use the expressions below:

verbo essere + un/un’/uno/una + occupation


Sono un infermiere (male)

I am a nurse


Sono un’infermiera (female)

I am a nurse

Occupation Italian


Sono una cameriera

I am a waitress


Sono uno scultore

I am a sculptor


lavorare + in + place


Lavoro in un’impresa di costruzione

I work in a construction company


Lavoro in un parcheggio

I work in a car park


Lavoro in un ristorante

I work in a restaurant


lavorare + per + person


Lavoro per un dentista

I work for a dentist


Lavoro per una famiglia con tre bambini

I work for a family with three children


Lavoro per Giulio Rossi

I work for Giulio Rossi


Occupation in Italian: what does it involve?


Moreover, to explain what your occupation involves, you will normally need a verb that describes the action, followed by a noun.


Sono uno spazzino. Spazzo le strade

I am a road sweeper. I sweep the street


Sono un camionista. Trasporto frutta.

I am a lorry driver. I transport fruit


(Dis)occupation in Italian


In conclusion, to say that you are not working you can use the following expressions:


Non lavoro

I don’t work


Sono disoccupato/a

I am unemployed


Sono pensionato

I am retired

Occupation Italian


I hope this article has been helpful! Now you should be able say what your occupation is. Remember that learning a new language is not easy! It takes time and a lot of patience. Hence, keep practicing everyday! 🙂


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