Saying your nationality and what languages you speak

In the previous article I explained you how to introduce people in Italian. After you introduce yourself or somebody else it would be good if you could say something more about yourself, like saying what your nationality is or what languages you speak.

Read the article to learn how to do that 🙂

Saying your nationality


To ask where someone is from you can use:

Di dove sei? (informal)                                      Where are you from?

Di dov’é? (formal)


To say where you come from you can use:

Vengo + da (or dal, dalla, dall’, dagli) + place of origin

Vengo da Roma.                                                  I come from Rome.

Vengo dal Marocco.                                            I come from Morocco.

Vengo dall’Italia.                                                 I come from Italy.

Vengo dalla Francia.                                           I come from France.

Vengo dagli Stati Uniti.                                      I come from USA.

Sono + nationality

Sono giapponese.                                                I am Japanese.

Sono sudafricana.                                               I am South African.


You can combine these expressions and omit the verb the second time, as in these examples.

Sono inglese, di Londra.                                       I am English, from London.

Carmen viene dalla Spagna, da Madrid.           Carmen comes from Spain, from Madrid.


Saying what languages you speak and how well


You can use the verb parlare (“to talk” / “to speak”) to say what languages you speak.

Parlo inglese e arabo.                                          I speak English and Arabic.

Parli italiano? (informal)                                    Do you speak Italian?

Parla italiano? (formal)                                       Do you speak Italian?


To say how well you speak the language, you can add one of the following expressions.

Parlo un po’ di cinese.                                         I speak a little Chinese.

Parlo tedesco molto bene.                                 I speak German very well.

Parlo italiano piuttosto bene.                            I speak Italian fairly well.

Parlo portoghese fluentemente.                       I speak Portuguese fluently.


Remember to keep practising your Italian everyday to see some results 🙂


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