What Italian women want

We’ve all asked ourselves, at least once in our life: “what is it that women really want”? Even though the list is endless, in this article we’ll focus more on a special group of women: those born and raised in Italy.

Here’s what you need to pay attention to, in order to woo one of them.

Family: the foundation of life

what italian women want

At the core of the Italian society you’ll always find the family. I’m sure it won’t come as a shocker, as we’re all acquainted with the Soprano or Godfather stereotype. And, yes, surly there are some rare unicorns that go through life all by themselves.

However, most Italian women value the love and unity of their family above all. It’s so engrained in their upbringing that they rarely stir away from it. So, when courting an Italian, know that deep down she really wants you to get along with her relatives.

It really makes no difference if you’ve just started dating or not, in one way or another you’ll find yourself having to spend some time with cousins, brothers or grandparents. Don’t worry! As long as long as you’re respectful and treat her right, you’ll always be welcomed and treated as one of their own.

Food and wine

what italian women want

When trying to impress Italian women, you need to put more effort into choosing the location for your dates. Don’t expect to woo her by taking her out to eat burgers and fries! Italians are among the best cooks in the world, with an everlasting love for food and wine.

If you know how to cook, try making your best dish! Stay away from pasta though, or you’ll risk criticism as they’re known for being real jealous of their classical recipes. So, what does she really want?

We’re more than certain that if she’s raised on the Mediterranean diet, she’ll be happy with a good, balanced meal and a nice glass of red or white wine, to go with it.

Show your affection

It’s a well-known fact that Italian men are romantic, so you may want to step up your game if you want to conquer an Italian. Luckily, it’s not that hard! No, they don’t expect a song or a gondola ride under the moon. However, you should learn how to show your affection towards her.

And not just the physical kind! Try using your words, buying her flowers or sweets. Maybe take her on a romantic walk in the park or at the beach, at a candle light dinner or stop and watch the sunset or sunrise together. This may be obvious romantic acts but trust me when I say they’re necessary!

what italian women want

Style and fashion

Italian women have an innate sense of style. How could you not, when raised in the country with the most valuable artistic and cultural heritage in the world? We’re not saying you should invest in high-end fashion items, but again, attention to details is important!

Maybe lose the flipflops and gym shorts and dress accordingly to the occasion. I’m sure most women want a well-dressed, intelligent men, but keep in mind your competition. Remember: it’s better to ask for help and advice, rather than embarrass her or yourself.

Be yourself

We’ve given you some great tips, but this last one is the most precious of them all. It is important to know what Italian women want, but don’t lose yourself trying to make her happy. Stay true to your core beliefs, be honest and transparent and she’ll learn to appreciate you, for who you really are!

Faking your way through a women’s heart is not sustainable in the long run. Our advice will help you date or woo her, but she’ll ultimately fall in love with your personality!


By Cristina Amalia


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