4 reasons why you should visit Italy

Italy is one of the most visited country in the world: this beautiful peninsula welcomes more or less 50 million of people every year.

Why there are so many tourists? Do you think it is caused just by the great history that embrace the country?

Italy is more than Rome and Venice.

And so, why should you visit Italy? Keep reading to discover it.

Italy has everything you want to see

This is the first reason why you should visit Italy. Every country has its features: you can’t visit Germany and expect a wonderful sea, while you can’t travel to Denmark and expect to visit beautiful mountains.

You can do something like that in Italy.

This country is made up of a lot of Regions, areas that are divided in Provinces. The peculiarity is that every region has its own dialect, its own sayings and, of course, its own landscape.

Visit italy
Amalfi is the perfect example of how high mountains meet the beautiful sea.



You can visit Lazio, in which you can find Rome, and find no similarities with Lombardia.

This is an important reason to visit Italy: over a distance of 100 km or more you can enjoy the highest mountains (the Alps), then a beautiful sea and then the vast plains of Emilia-Romagna and Tuscany. This is a feature recognizable not only in Northern Italy, but also in the Southern part.

Italy shows the evolution of art during the centuries

If you are in love with architecture and art, the right choice for you is to visit Italy.

Sure, architectural masterpieces are everywhere: Sagrada Familia in Spain, Tour Eiffel in Paris etcetera.

However, in Italy, there is a common thread that links every historical era.

In Lazio, in particular in a certain area named “Valcamonica”, you can find very interesting cave paintings dating back to 8.000 years ago!

Then there are a lot of traces of the Roman Age, so 2.000 years ago: Colosseum, Roman aqueducts and other ones.

Churches, cathedrals and arcs follow a common thread that brings us to these days.

Walking around Rome, or around all those small towns that were inhabited by Romans, you can smell a different air. It is one of those experiences that you have to try.


If you are an art nut you can’t miss Italy. There you will be able to discover something really different.

Italy is the perfect country for a food lover

I know it is a sort of cliché, but we both know what are the most famous elements of Italy when it gets to the food part: pizza and spaghetti.

The truth is there is so much else that you can discover. We should get back to the regions concept: every area has different cultures and different typical food.

The constant is that all the Italian dishes are always made it starting from raw materials.

It is not a stereotype! We need only think of the pizza margherita, the most famous one. Everyone can make it, you only need 6 ingredients: flour, water, yeast, oil, tomato and mozzarella.

If it is so simple, why can’t you make a perfect pizza margherita in your own house?

You don’t have the right ingredients. Our tomato is a different one, it has the taste of our land. Same with mozzarella, while the oil is something really different.

visit italy
A classic pizza margherita, the most famous one all around the world.


You should visit Italy not only for tasting the typical dishes, you should do it also for trying the flavour of our raw materials.

We are so proud of them!

Italian lifestyle is unmatched

You can come to Italy and live like royalty: great food is cheap, you can chill out on the most beautiful beaches in the world, but the most important thing is that you can relax.

There are no schedules, no formal appointments. A waiter will never kick you out from the restaurant when you have finished your lunch: he will firstly offer you an espresso, that we usually drink after lunch or after dinner.

It is not a cappuccino, a latte or something that you usually drink.

Then, the waiter will probably let you taste their homemade limoncello, that is a liquor made by lemon.

In some parts of Italy the waiter will let you taste ratafia, a very odd liquor made by sour cherries. Ratafia is one of those things “You either like it or you don’t”.

This kind of relaxed lifestyle can be felt only if you visit Italy.


I hope you enjoyed reading our article on 4 reasons why you should visit Italy.

See you!

By Matteo Incelli


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