Learn Italian: the best approach

Stop and think about yourself, travelling among the beauties of Italy and, after all that study, talking in Italian with the locals. Too difficult? Well, not really, if you find the right approach to learn Italian.

What is the best approach to learn Italian?

As probably many of the European languages, especially Latin ones, Italian requires a lot of practice. So, let’s start with grammar yes, with vocabulary of course, but what you need to master is pronunciation. As an Italian student, you need to practice a lot with the vowels. Then, with the syllables. Yes, Italian is a language that uses a lot of syllables. So better be ready!  The best way to be ready, of course, is with practice. As you probably know Italian is the language used in the opera, so start listening to it, start by repeating the words, watching a movie, going to your favourite pizzeria, everything that will help you to listen and repeat Italian words. Do you really want to learn Italian? Well, you need a native speaker!

how to learn italian

And the Italian grammar? Mamma mia!

When you start learning a new language, you start from the basics, i.e. grammar. The verbs, the pronouns, tenses, and so on. Well, what you have heard about Italian grammar is true: there are a lot of rules! Yet, it is not so hard to remember these rules. As for pronunciation, to learn Italian grammar you also need a lot of practice. And mistakes. There is nothing wrong in making mistakes; it’s just the way you need to follow to reach a proper comprehension of the language. So, let’s be clear, don’t be afraid to make a mistake while you are practicing Italian!

How many Italian words do you know?

Maybe you don’t even realize that you already know many Italian words… or something similar to Italian! ‘Fantastic’, ‘stupid’, ’bravo!’, ‘correct’ and many other words. English and other Germanic languages absorbed Latin words in the past centuries, as well as Latin languages nowadays absorb English words. So, you already know a lot of Italian words, you just need to find out the right context and the right pronunciation. How do you do that? Guess what… Practice!

how to learn italian

Be a blank page

Learning a new language requires an effort by all student, all around the world: you need to become a blank page. Then you start to refill it with the pieces of knowledge you gain every day. Scientists say that kids can easily learn everything exactly for this reason; they are a blank page to fill up. However, that does not exclude the possibility for an adult to learn Italian, or any other foreign language. Take a breath, relax and plunge into this beautiful language.

After a few months of practicing and exercising you will be able to talk as a proper Italian (no, we are not talking about gestures! 🙂 ) or at least you will be able to enjoy your vino and pasta on the beautiful Italian seaside!

By Stefania Grosso


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